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Feel free to suggest a particular speaker that you would like to invite. Eventually, this list will be used at the beginning of each semester to fill possible empty slots.


  • Put your name, so we know you're real :).
  • If a speaker has already been suggested by somebody else, feel free to add your name in the corresponding box.
  • Add talk topic information/recommended area.

Suggestions for Spring 2025

Speaker Institution Suggested by Notes
Baishan Hu ORNL Yuanzhuo Ma

Suggestions for Fall 2024

Speaker Institution Suggested by Notes
Peter Petreczky BNL Scott Pratt
K. D. Launey LSU Grigor Sargsyan and Xilin Zhang
Weijie Du ISU Yuanzhuo Ma and Xilin Zhang
Dong Bai Hohai U., China Wolfgang Mittig and Chloe Hebborn

Suggestions for Spring 2024

Speaker Institution Suggested by Notes
Jeannie Rangel State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil F. Nunes
K. D. Launey LSU Xilin Zhang and Grigor Sargsyan
Sota Yoshida Utsunomiya University Heiko Hergert
Chris Green Purdue U. Dean Lee
Luigi Coraggio INFN Yuanzhuo Ma

Suggestions for Fall 2023

Speaker Institution Suggested by Notes
Zidu Lin U. of Tennessee Grigor Sargsyan
Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo Kyoto U. Dean Lee Invited before but couldn't come
Emiko Hiyama Tohoku U. and Riken Witek Nazarewicz
Kazuyuki Ogata Osaka U. Chloë Hebborn
Guillaume Hupin IJClab Chloë Hebborn
Joanna Sobczyk JGU Mainz Chloë Hebborn
Andre Sieverding GSI Chloë Hebborn
Pierre Arthuis TU Darmstadt Chloë Hebborn

Suggestions for Spring 2023

Speaker Institution Suggested by Notes
Wojtek Satula University of Warsaw Witek Nazarewicz Invited in Spring 2023, but couldn't come
Seth Jacobson Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, MSU Pawel Danielewicz Invited in Spring 2023, but his schedule has been unclear when scheduling spring seminars
Agnieszka Sorensen INT Scott Pratt Invited in Spring 2023. She should be able to come in fall 2023

Suggestions for Fall 2022

Speaker Institution Suggested by Notes
Chuck Horowitz Indiana Christian Drischler Sabbatical at FRIB
Jiangyong Jia Stony Brook Dean Lee Interesting works on connecting RHIC and nuclear structure
Thankful Cromartie Cornell Christian Drischler
Volodymyr Vovchenko INT Christian Drischler
Mark Caprio Notre Dame Christian Drischler
Alex Gezerlis Guelph Christian Drischler
Aurel Bulgac UW Christian Drischler
Tong Li LLNL Witek Nazarewicz Will visit us Sep. 19-23
Jhilam Sadhukhan VECC Kolkata Witek Nazarewicz Will visit us whole Sep.
Alessandro Lovato ANL Morten Hjorth-Jensen Machine learning and the nuclear many-body problem (His reply to XZ: possible in spring)
Andreas Ekstrøm Chalmers, Sweden Morten Hjorth-Jensen New ideas in constraining nuclear forces (His reply to XZ: possible in future)
Katherine Hunt Chem, MSU Morten Hjorth-Jensen Quantum computing and many-body problems
Alexei Bazavov MSU Morten Hjorth-Jensen Lattice QCD and quantum computing

Suggestions for Fall 2021

Speaker Institution Suggested by Notes
Mike Strickland Kent State University (Ohio) Scott Pratt Heavy Ion Physics (probably QCD thermal field theory)
Enrico Rinaldi University of Michigan & RIKEN Dean Lee in-person seminar when back in MI?
Yukari Yamauchi Maryland Dean Lee
Yuanzhuo Ma Peking University Dean Lee
Baha Balantekin UW–Madison Christian Drischler
Rimantas Lazauskas Xilin Zhang

Suggestions for Spring 2021

Speaker Institution Topic Suggested By Notes
Tomas Rodriguez U A Madrid Structure, Beyond Mean-Field Prev. list Flight Voucher: Postpone
Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo U Kyoto Cluster structure, light nuclei Prev. list Flight Voucher: Postpone
Titus Morris ORNL Quantum Computing Nmntd. list
Andre da Silva Schneider U Stockholm Nuclear EOS impact on CCSNe and BH formation Luke
Ruprecht Machleidt U Idaho Chiral EFT, NN Int Roland Nuclear Science Seminar?
Evgeny Epelbaum U Bochum Roland Nuclear Science Seminar?
Anna Frebel MIT Observational stellar astrophysics Christian
Thomas Duguet CEA Saclay Symmetry-broken many-body theories Christian
Arnau Rios Surrey SCGF, infinite matter Christian
Jim Lattimer SUNY neutron stars, EoS Christian
Chuck Horowitz U Indiana GW, r process, neutron stars Christian
Mark Silverman Trinity College (CT) Vladimir
Dmitri Fedorov U Aarhus Few-body problems w/ correlated Gaussians Filomena
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