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Venting/pumping lower-dipole section

Venting analysis-line lower-dipole section

In order to ensure that the beamline in the target area is properly aligned with respect to the beam axis, it is necessary to install a telescope in between the last two quadrupoles of the analysis line, as well as a “cross hair” plate in between the last quadrupole and the target chamber. Although the alignment of the telescope is done by lab staff (e.g. Dave Sanderson), the user is responsible for removing the gate valve I246GV separating the analysis line and the target area. This of course, requires that the lower-dipole section is properly vented. The venting process is generally done by the device physicist, following the steps:

PanelMate s800va (page 4) displaying venting status of lower-dipole section

Manual venting valve of lower-dipole section

Pumping analysis-line lower-dipole section