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Emergency Shutdown

The following checklist describes the steps to follow during an emergency shutdown. The assumed scenario is that where the entire S800 (and S3 vault) must be turned off due to multiple reasons. Please, be aware that the procedures described below involve many different systems in the lab. As such, it is highly recommended to coordinate with operations staff using all available communication channels (face-to-face, hourlog, 8am-meeting and short-meeting). Also, as long as it is possible (the nature of an emergency shutdown may require to act very quickly), a Work-Control-Plan should be submitted.

The mantra: Communication is essential.

Communication before and after completion of Shutdown

  • Give heads up to Operations (beam coordinator)
  • Heads up to any experimenters planning to run in the vault
  • Heads up to GRETINA group
  • Heads up to Cryogenics group
  • Heads up to Magnet group
  • Make an entry in Hourlog indicating status of S800. Include also contact information.
  • If possible, prepare and submit a Work-Control Plan


  • Turn off all GUI-controlled HV (including iSeg HV for hodoscope (crystal #20), located in S3 crate attached to FP chamber)
  • Turn off power supply preamps and CRDC interface boards (same S3 crate attached to FP chamber)
  • Turn off all manual HV in dU6 (OBJ SCI, CRDCs grid)
  • Empty detectors and make sure that valves configuration matches “emptied” status described in Wiki
  • Close gas bottles and valves downstream of regulators


  • Retract all linear drives
  • Open beam blockers


  • Close ALL gate valves
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Vent FP box, but leave dry N2 flowing (it requires opening the lift-off disk of the pressure-relief valve)
  • Make sure that FP Turbo-pump is OFF. Turn OFF Turbo Pump chiller
  • Turn off CRDCs chiller
  • Vent all sections, including Spectrograph (assistance from vacuum group will be needed). IF this is not possible, make sure that this section is isolated (close gate valves upstream and downstream)
  • Make sure that all sections are at atmospheric pressure


  • Set all Brhos to 0 Tm
  • Turn off all power supplies, including steerers


  • Notify (e.g. email) Cryogenics that all magnets are off
  • Check if there is any He lead return pipe open. If so, notify Magnet group and/or Cryogenics group so they can close it at their earliest convenience

Electronics and computers

  • Turn off all crates in S800 rack (S3 vault)
  • Turn off all crates in dU6
  • Reboot s800fp PC (in S3)
  • Reboot down u6pc5
  • Reboot down spdaq50

S3 Vault

  • Turn on FAN
  • If possible, reduce He lead flows (not essential)
  • Leave all lights in the vault ON
  • Leave vault unsecured and fully accessible
  • Put signs in S3 and S2/S3 doors indicating that “S3 vault is under emergency shutdown”; include contacts:
    • Jorge Pereira (S3 vault coordinator, S800 Device Physicist)
    • Shumpei Noji (S800 Device Physicist)
    • Daniel Bazin (S800 Senior Device Physicist
    • Remco Zegers (Magnetic Spectrometer group leader)
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