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 ===== Troubleshooting ===== ===== Troubleshooting =====
 +==== NMR GUI does not start ====
 The NMR program is connected to the following devices and systems: ​ The NMR program is connected to the following devices and systems: ​
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 +==== NMR GUI does not communicate with NMR controllers ==== 
 +  * This can be seen, for instance, when the NMR controller finds a resonance, but the NMR GUI keeps trying forever. 
 +  * Most likely, you need to reboot the terminal server located in S3 
 +  * Go to the mezzanine level, where the NMR controllers are located 
 +  * The terminal server is behind the NMR controllers 
 +  * Simply turn it off, wait few seconds, and turn it back on
 ==== Manually setting Dipole Fields ​ ==== ==== Manually setting Dipole Fields ​ ====
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