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Radiation safety in the S3 vault

Before entering the vault, inform the operator in charge so that the beam is being stopped and the RadSafety wall plug and scintillator for S3 are inserted, otherwise the cyclotron's RF will trip as soon as the door to the vault is being opened (please check also this link).

Entrance of S3 vault in the East high bay.

The S3 vault has three levels (see picture below), the top level, the middle level, and the bottom level. The different levels and sections within these levels are locked off by rad safety chains. Whenever a chain is unlocked, the area behind it needs to be checked and secured. When going around to the buttons, check the vault for other people, especially those working in areas not directly visible from where you stand.

East side of S3 vault as seen from the bottom level.

Bottom level

On the bottom level, two buttons need to be pushed to secure the area. One is located in the north-east corner of the vault, behind the spectrograph. The second one is located under the stairs next to the elevator. The bottom level is locked off with the chain on the stairs on the middle level. All lights have to be turned off before closing the chain.

Middle level

The middle level is separated into two areas: (1) the beam line section west of the intermediate image chamber, leading to the S800 object box, and (2) the middle level of the spectrograph with the staircase. The button for area (1) can be found at the westernmost end of the vault at the S800 object, where the beam line enters the vault from the transfer hall. This section is locked off from the remaining part by a chain at the intermediate image chamber. Make sure that the lights in this section are off before locking he chain. Area (2) has one button on the frame of the spectrograph, between the two big spectrograph dipoles on the east side of the structure. This section is secured by closing the chain on the staircase (top level).

Top level

The top level has one rad safety button on the south-east side of the spectrograph, close to the power supplies. This level is secured by closing the vault door.

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