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Scaler channel description

The GUI used to display scalers rates can be open from the icon in the desktop of computer u6pc5 in data-U6. The GUI includes two pages labeled “s800” and “ratios”. Page “s800” includes all the scaler channels; page “ratios” displays ratio values calculated between several pairs of channels. In addition, the GUI includes a panel showing the time evolution of the live time calculated from the live-to-raw trigger ratio, and the live-to-raw clock ratio. The figure below shows the page “ratios” from the scaler GUI:

Example of scaler rates.

The list below is a direct copy of the scaler description file for the s800. This file maps channel names to channel numbers, and in addition determines the layout.

Channel name Channel number Channel name Channel number
Live.Trigger 10 Raw.Trigger 9
Live.Clock 12 Raw.Clock 11
S800.Source 0 S800.Trigger 4
Second.Source 1 Second.Trigger 8
Ext1.Source 2 Ext1.Trigger 6
Ext2.Source 3 Ext2.Trigger 7
Coinc.Trigger 5
E1.Up 16 E1.Down 17
E2.Up 18 E2.Down 19
CRDC1.Anode 22 CRDC2.Anode 23
OBJ.Scint 24 XFP.Scint 25
TAR.Scint 26 XFP.Scint 25
S800.Source 0 OBJ.Si 26
S800.Source 0 OBJ.Scint 24
S800.Source 0 XFP.Scint 25
Hodo.OR 30
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