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Scaler channel description

The list below is a direct copy of the scaler description file for the s800. This file maps channel names to channel numbers, and in addition determines the layout. Details about the S800 scaler GUI can be found here.

Channel name Channel number Description
S800.Source 0 Signal going to S800 ULM trigger module (generally from “up” FP scintillator photomultiplier, E1 up)
Second.Source 1 Signal going to Secondary ULM trigger module (e.g. GRETINA)
Ext1.Source 2 Signal going to External-1 trigger module
Ext2.Source 3 Signal going to External-2 trigger module
S800.Trigger 4 S800 triggers (“singles”)
Coinc.Trigger 5 Coincidence triggers
Ext1.Trigger 6 External-1 triggers
Ext2.Trigger 7 External-2 triggers
Second.Trigger 8 Secondary triggers
Raw.Trigger 9 Raw triggers (including all sources)
Live.Trigger 10 Live triggers (including all sources)
Raw.Clock 11 Raw clock
Live.Clock 12 Live clock
10Hz 14 10-Hz clock
1Hz 15 1-Hz clock
E1.Up 16 Signals from E1 up
E1.Down 17 Signals from E1 down
XFP.MCFD.Scint 18 Signals from XFP, going through new Mesytech CFD
OBJ.MCFD.Scint 19 Signals from OBJ, going through new Mesytech CFD
Galotte 20 Signals from Galotte detector (obsolete)
CRDC1.Anode 22 Signals from CRDC1 anode
CRDC2.Anode 23 Signals from CRDC2 anode
XFP.Scint 24 Signals from XFP, NOT going through new Mesytech CFD
OBJ.Scint 25 Signals from OBJ, NOT going through new Mesytech CFD
Hodo.OR 28 OR signal from all 32 hodoscope crystals
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