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 ====== Troubleshooting ====== ====== Troubleshooting ======
 +  * [[S800 DAQ tools#troubleshooting|Problems with DAQ]]  
   * [[Software|Access to S800 software account]]   * [[Software|Access to S800 software account]]
-  * [[S800 DAQ tools#troubleshooting|Rebooting S800 DAQ manually]] 
   * [[NMR probes#troubleshooting|NMR probes not reading]]   * [[NMR probes#troubleshooting|NMR probes not reading]]
-  * [[Turning magnets on/off#Turn on S800 magnets power supply|S800 magnets power supply]] +  * [[Turning magnets on/off#Turn on S800 magnets power supply|Problems to turn on magnets power supply]] 
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