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  • Problems to start DAQ

One of the most common reasons why the S800 DAQ fails to start is because the CCUSB and/or VMUSB are claimed by existing programs. This is shown by the error messages displayed by the system. If you find yourself in this situation try the following:

  1. Log on to S800 spdaq (spdaq19 as of October 2015)
  2. Type ps aux | grep Readout
  3. Use kill -9 PID, where PID identifies any CCUSBReadout or VMUSBReadout processes that show up
  4. Use kill -9 PID, where PID identifies any tclsh ReadoutShell process that might show up
  5. Try godaq to see if this works now
  6. If this didn't help try rebooting the S800 DAQ manually (see below)
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