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 ===== Pumping analysis-line lower-dipole section ===== ===== Pumping analysis-line lower-dipole section =====
-  ​Make sure that the manual gate valve is closed (see above). +  ​Make sure that the manual gate valve is closed (see above). 
-  ​Open **S800vac** ​PanelMate. +  ​Open PanelMate ​**S800vac** ​and go to page 04. Make sure that the venting valve **I225VV** is closed ​(see last step of the [[#Vent focal-plane chamber|venting process]] described above
-  - Go to page ("lower beamline dipoles vacuum system, section 16"+  ​Select ​window **PUMPDOWN STATUS SECTION 16-LOWER DIPOLES** and click on button **START PUMPDOWN**. The **PUMPDOWN STATUS** and **VENT STATUS** windows should display ​"PUMPDOWN IN PROGRESS"​ 
-  ​Select ​box"PUMPDOWN STATUS SECTION 16-LOWER DIPOLES" ​and click "START PUMPDOWN"​. ​Good vacuum ​will take few hours+       * After the rough valve **I225RV** is automatically open, the mechanical pump will start pumping. 
-  ​- ​When *I226PG* ​reads pressures of few mTorr, ​you can turn on the ion gauge **I225IG**.+       * The pressures in the mechanical pump (from **I224PG**) and beam chamber (from **I226PG**) ​will jump momentarily to high pressure values. They should go down slowly after few seconds (otherwise, the chamber is not properly closed)
 +       * When pressure in the chamber (from **I226PG**) gets below 100 mTorr (few minuntes)**I225RV** will close. Foreline valve **I225FV** will open followed by the turbo gate valve **I225GV**. 
 +  * Wait for few hours until vacuum is good. You can then turn on the ion gauge **I225IG**
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