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 ====== Venting/pumping Object box ====== ====== Venting/pumping Object box ======
 +===== Vent Object chamber =====
 +Requirements: PanelMate file **S800Vac**
 +  * Open **S800Vac** and go to page 01 ("Production Target Box Vacuum System sec 13")
 +  * Verify that OBJ SCI is not biased:
 +        * Check that the detectors is unbiased in the HV module sitting in dU6
 +        * Notify the system of the bias-off state by selecting the "OBJ_SCI_HV CONFIRM" box and clicking "HV CONFIRM OFF"
 +  * Isolate chamber by closing gate valves **I177GV** and **I190GV**
 +  * [[Vacuum control|Turn off]] ion gauge **I188IG** 
 +  * Check box "PUMPDOWN STATUS BEAMLINE OBJECT BOX". It should read "Good vacuum" 
 +  * Go to the S800 OBJ station and make sure that the manual valve (see figure below) is closed.
 +{{:wiki:objs800vac_pumped.jpg?500|S800vac Panel Mate}}. 
 +  * In order to begin venting process, select box "VENT STATUS" and click "BEGIN VENTING PROCEDURE"
 +        * Box "VENT STATUS" should change from "VENT PROCEDURE STOPPED" to "WAITING FOR VENT TIMER", and then to "VENT VALVE OPEN"
 +        * Turbo gate valve **I188GV** will be automatically closed
 +        * Vent valve **I190VV** will be automatically opened. However, the pressure in the chamber (ass seen in **I191PG** will not change because we need to open the manual venting valve
 +        * Go to the S800 OBJ station and slowly open the manual valve (see figure below). You can see the pressure rising in the Granville-Phillips 275 Mini-Convectron display located on top of the OBJ box.
 +        * When **I191PG** reads atmospheric pressure select the box "VENT STATUS" and click "STOP VENTING PROCESS"
 +        * The status in the box "VENT STATUS" should display "VENT PROCEDURE STOPPED" and the vent valve **I190VV** should be automatically closed
 +        * Close the manual valve
 +        * You can now open the chamber
 +{{:wiki:ventingvalveobjbox.jpg?300|Venting valve}}
 +===== Pumping Object chamber =====
 +Requirements: PanelMate file **S800Vac**
 +  * Verify that Chamber is closed and that manual roughing pump valve located near the intermediate-image chamber is closed (see picture above)
 +  * Verify that OBJ SCI is not biased by checking the HV module in dU6  
 +  * Open **S800Vac** and go to page 01 ("Production Target Box Vacuum System sec 13")
 +  * When the pressure in **I191PG** is below 100 mTorr, the Turbo Pump will start automatically through the following sequence:
 +        * **I190RV** will be closed
 +        * **I190FV** will be opened
 +        * **I188GV** will be opened
 +  * When the pressure ready by **I191PG** is few mTorr, you can turn on the ion gauge **I188IG**. Good vacuum will take ~30 minutes.
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