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Here are a variety of questions which students (both new and old!) may have about working at the lab.

Be sure to consult the Administrative Resources page for administrative and department level questions.


How do I set up a Two-Factor Authentication?

  • In order to access FRIB application from outside the laboratory, the Symantec two-factor VIP Access application needs to be set up. For instructions see here (1.09 MiB, 1y ago, 0 downloads).

How do I access my lab applications (including remote desktop and PuTTY) from my personal device?

  • See here (1.15 MiB, 1y ago, 0 downloads) how to Utilize Citrix for Remote Access to FRIB Laboratory Resources.

How do I access my lab email on my phone?

  • Here (6.28 KiB, 2y ago, 176 downloads) is a lab sponsored guide for both iPhone and Android using the Outlook app.
  • Anecdotally, many have had success on the Android Gmail/Google Calendar apps though this is not described here.

How can I configure passwordless login to the gateway and other NSCL/FRIB computers (fishtank, fireside, jinacalc, etc.)?

  • As with most Linux questions, once you know what to search, Google is your answer. Here is a sample step-by-step guide.

I walk away from my desk for five minutes and my ssh session times out, can I stop this?

  • Yes! There is a parameter called ServerAliveInterval which will keep sessions alive. A guide is here.

How do I access journal articles from home?

  • There are a variety of possibilities, from connecting to campus via a VPN or other remote connection (I once used curl to download an article directly to fishtank which I could then scp back to my computer!).
  • MSU libraries details some instructions here.
  • By far the easiest method I've found is to create a proxy server bookmarklet à la this Purdue guide.
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