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-====== ​TALENT ​====== +====== ​EXERCISES ​====== 
-===== Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory: ​ EXERCISES ===== +**[[RXNnetworkEX|Reaction Networks]]****[[NuclPhysInput|Nucl Physics Input]]****[[HydroEX|Hydro]]****[[BBNEX|BBN]]**
-[[http://​|{{:​talent.png?​650|Nuclear TALENT}}]] +
-[[RXNnetworkEX|Reaction Networks]], [[HydroEX|Hydrodynamics]], [[BBNEX|BBN]], [[AnlyPlot|Abundances, Analysis and Plotting]], [[NuclPhysInput|Nuclear Physics Input]]+
 ---- ----
-**[[RXNnetworkEX|Reaction Network Exercises]]**+~~DISCUSSION|What do you want to get out of this course?~~
-**[[HydroEX|Hydrodynamics Exercises]]** 
-**[[BBNEX|Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Exercises]]** 
-**[[AnlyPlot|Abundances,​ Analysis and Plotting]]** 
-**[[NuclPhysInput|Nuclear Physics Input]]** 
-{{ :​nscl-09-2.jpg?​direct |http://​​product_p/​nscl-09.htm}} 
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