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 [[http://​|{{:​talent.png?​650|Nuclear TALENT}}]] [[http://​|{{:​talent.png?​650|Nuclear TALENT}}]]
-DokuWiki Manual: ​ [[https://​​manual]]+Most things are pretty obviousAs a first step, go to your pre-populated page and click "​Edit",​ look at the syntax, and go from thereBelow some non obvious things that are commonly needed (this is only meant as a very short guide to the essentials)
-DokuWiki Syntax [[https://​​wiki:​syntax]]+For more details see the official, more comprehensive [[https://​​manual|DokuWiki Manual]] and [[https://​​wiki:​syntax|DokuWiki Syntax]] 
-Tex Math Plugin: ​ [[https://​​plugin:​mathjax]] 
-Boxes Plugin: ​ [[https://​​plugin:​box?​s[]=html]]+=== Plugins ===
 +We have installed a few plugins that are useful for our purposes.
 +   * Tex Math Plugin: ​ [[https://​​plugin:​mathjax]]
-**[[|The Gatehouse Suites-East Lansing]]**+   Boxes Plugin:  ​[[​box?​s[]=html]]
-[[|{{:msu_main_campus.jpg|MSU Campus Maps}}]]+   * iframes Plugin:  ​[[]] 
 +   * Columns Plugin: ​ [[https://​​plugin:​columns?​s[]=two&​s[]=column]]
 ~~DISCUSSION|Help Discussion~~ ~~DISCUSSION|Help Discussion~~
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