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Modelling XRB nucleosynthesis in XNET following the model of the Dissertation of Lau 2012 Fisker 2007, using the premade model for CNO XRB.


  • Create video of working burst nuclides chart.
  • Vary initial metallicity still using Fisker thermal trajectory, see if burst still occurs.
  • Vary initial H/He ratio within metallicity still using Fisker thermal trajectory, see if burst still occurs.
  • Create videos of stalled burst nuclides charts.


Tsunghan Yeh: Inputs

  • Read Paper
  • Create network list/sunet- use premade scenario following Fisker_2007 (see references)
  • Temperature profile- use Fisker premade scenario
  • Determine initial molar abundances to altar ab_XRB file
  • PPT 3,4,7

Amber Lauer: Code

  • Read Paper
  • Study Xnet: made a clearer set of instructions for running non-default library: rxn net instructions, ran XRB-CNO example, MS Excel eats a space column about half way down the file, was causing burst plotting errors.
  • Use scripts to make plots-
    • abundance plots working
      • easier in Excel
    • animation script working
  • PPT 2,5,6, references

Fei Yuan: Analysis

  • Read Paper
  • Design end objective
    • Integrate the energy generated at the surface and compare to surface photon emission (goal changed)
    • vary metallicities to identify burst conditions (see abstract)
  • refine python scripts to read output, visualize
  • make video with script
  • PPT 8,9,10



Since the initial X-ray burst is dependent on so few nuclei, almost no configuration can stop the burst behavior in a toy model.

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