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  • Analysis: Alexander Dombos
  • Code: Fei Yuan
  • Parameter: Heiko Möller


  • Perform a simulation of a supernova explosion near the Solar system (at, say, 10 parsec) using the VH1 hydrodynamics solver.
  • Explore the effects of the explosion (in particular, near the orbit of the Earth) and how they vary depending on the energy of the supernova (relative to the force of the Solar wind), proximity, and density.


  • Simulate simple blast wave in 1D.
  • Simulate dense material in 1D (boring).
  • Simulate blast wave on dense material in 1D.
  • Simulate plane blast wave on dense sphere in 2D.
  • Simulate solar wind in 1D / 2D.
  • Simulate Sedov blast with realistic parameters in 1D.
  • Simulate solar wind with realistic parameters in 2D.
  • Simulate the problem with varying speeds of the supernova blast.

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