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Welcome to the WGV Group Logbook

Group Members:

  • Panagiotis Gastis
  • Nicole Vassh
  • Donald Willcox


Our group's aim is to model the solar wind between the sun and earth in sufficient detail to simulate the effects of an incident supernova blast wave. We will explore distance to the supernova and its energy to determine under what conditions the solar wind adequately shields the Earth from the blast wave.

Logbook Entries:

Detailed Installation Steps for Parallel VH-1 and Required Libraries

  • I successfully setup the parallel version of VH-1 using the mpich implementation of the message-passing interface and the netcdf libraries. The linked page provides details on installing the required netcdf libraries to get parallel VH-1 working and configuring the yt visualization package to open VH-1's netcdf files.
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