Table of Contents

Software overview

NOTE: the operation of the S800 requires access to the S800 software account. The username and password can be found in the S800 binder that is kept in the data-U1 logbook cabinet. Ask operators in the control room (Ext. 305) for help to find it.

Computers used

u6pc5 (data U6)

Computer u6pc5 (data-U6) to operate S800.

spdaq50 (S3 vault)

S800FP-PC (S3 vault)

ctl-s3 (S3 vault)

u6pc1 (data U6)

u6pc2, u6pc3, u6pc4 (data U6)

Computers u6pc1, u6pc2 and u6pc3 on east side of data U6.