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Versioning system

ATTENTION: This section needs to be updated!!!!!

The detectors installed in the S800 and the data to be read from them often changes with the differing requirements of each experiment. This in turn impacts the details of the data format, and requires the use of a version number in order to be backward compatible. Subsequent changes to the S800 data acquisition will increment the version number of the data format and new configurations will be reflected in new packet tags. Documentation for these changes will be given here, in links accessible from the following table. The current version of the data format is indicated with a star.

S800_VERSION Notes Current Version
0x0004 Last version using the SBS readout system, up to end December 2011
0x0005 First version to use the VM/CC-USB parallel readout system, beginning January 2012
0x0006 The S800_GALOTTE_PACKET is added for the Galotte MCP Object box detector *
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