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To-Do list

This section is aimed at helping the Device Physicist remember the list of things that need to be done prior to the S800 tuning.

In S3 vault

  • Ensure that the object scintillator is in good conditions and has enough shimming positions to withstand the expected rates during the course of the experiment. The guideline document describing the installation and shimming procedure can be accessed here
  • Make sure Intermediate PPACs have gas

In data U6

  • Source the environment file to run the DAQ:
    • Open a terminal in u6pc5 and type ssh -Y spdaq19
    • Type . /usr/opt/nscldaq/xxxx/daqsetup.bash, where xxxx is the nscldaq version number (11.0-015 on Oct 26, 2015)
  • Verify that stagearea in u6pc5 is pointing to the right place. After typing ls -l ~/stagearea in a u6pc5 terminal, you should see: /user/s800/stagearea → /mnt/daqtesting/s800/exxxxx, where xxxxx corresponds to the experiment number. If the experiment number is not right, run script goinstall from any directory, and follow the intructions. After that, verify that the stagearea is correct.
  • Check scalers while running S800 DAQ
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