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Nuclear Science Seminars will usually be held Wednesdays at 16:10. The modality is flexible including in-person, virtual, and hybrid seminars. To accommodate overseas virtual speakers, Thursdays at 11:00 will occasionally be used instead.

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Title Institution Host Notes
2022-01-12 NO SEMINAR MSU first week of classes
2022-01-19 Yan Zhou Testing Fundamental Symmetries by Precision Measurements Using Polar Molecular Ions University of Nevada, Las Vegas Singh virtual
2022-01-27 Hans-Werner Hammer Unnuclear physics and universality TU Darmstadt Lee Thursday 11:00am; virtual
2022-02-02 Farheen Naqvi A mobile, compact DT neutron generator setup for NRTA measurements MIT Spyrou virtual - No to recording
2022-02-09 Hiroshi Suzuki Performance of the RIKEN Fragment Separator RIKEN Tarasov virtual
2022-02-16 John Tomsick The Compton Spectrometer and Imager Project for MeV Astronomy Berkeley Wrede virtual
2022-02-23 Todd Satogata An Overview of the Electron-Ion Collider JLab Ostroumov virtual
2022-03-02 Peter Mueller Advances in Atom Trap Trace Analysis (and a Puzzle) ANL Singh virtual - No to recording
2022-03-09 NO SEMINAR MSU Spring Break
2022-03-16 Pawel Danielewicz Deblurring for Nuclei: 3D Characteristics of Heavy-Ion Collisions MSU/FRIB Pratt? in person
2022-03-23 Wolfgang Mittig Open quantum system behavior of a near threshold resonance in 11B MSU/FRIB Gade in person - No to recording
2022-03-30 Arlene Modeste Knowles AIP TEAM-UP Diversity Project AIP Danielewicz W&MLS
2022-04-13 Yvonne Leifels FAIR GSI Lynch
2022-04-20 Mary Burkey LLNL Surbrook
2022-04-27 Ragnar Stroberg ANL Hergert in-person / hybrid
2022-05-04 NO SEMINAR MSU Final Exam week

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