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Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory: HELP

Nuclear TALENT

Most things are pretty obvious. As a first step, go to your pre-populated page and click “Edit”, look at the syntax, and go from there. Below some non obvious things that are commonly needed (this is only meant as a very short guide to the essentials)

For more details see the official, more comprehensive DokuWiki Manual and DokuWiki Syntax

  • add an internal link:
  • the file you will upload will be renamed to “file_name” and “textline” will be the name of the link on the wiki page.
  • on the resulting page, click the red link “textline” and follow instructions to upload the file
  • if the link is not red the file name already existed.
  • Change file version: Through “Special Pages” on the left you can reach “File list” (under Media reports …) where you can upload new versions of files.
Add an image
  • add an internal link
  • “thumb” makes a thumbnail. Uploaded file will be renamed image_file_name.
  • Click on the red link “File:image_file_name” which will appear on the page and follow upload instructions.
  • add a link to a page by typing <pre> Page_name </pre>
  • Create a new page: If the page does not exist the link will be red. Click to create page.
Text formatting
   <br /> line break without linespace
   leave blank line for new paragraph
   *   use for bulleted lists as bullet (**, ***, ... for deeper levels)
   #   does numbered lists (##, ###, ... for deeper levels)
   == Text == creates a new section with headline "Text" and a horizontal line
   ---- creates a horizontal line
   '''Text''' makes "Text" bold


Help Discussion

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