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Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory

Nuclear TALENT

Course 7: Nuclear Theory for Astrophysics

A three week TALENT course on the Origin of the Elements will be held at Michigan State University, starting May 28 and ending June 13 2014. Participants are expected to arrive on May 27.

The focus will be on three specific interconnected topics of current interest in element synthesis, core collapse supernovae, r-process nucleosynthesis and neutrino physics. The lectures will provide students with the tools necessary to perform calculations, and to put these calculations into context.

Important Course Messages

This Wiki is used to:

  • Inform about program and activities
  • Provide study and installation materials prior to the school
  • Exchange information during the school
  • Serve as a resource after the school

This wiki can only be edited by school participants - ask the organizers for login information and read Help completely. It takes a minute and you will know everything you need to know to edit the wiki. You must log in to edit (upper right corner of this page).

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