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Reaction Networks, Nucl Physics Input, Hydro, BBN

(During-Course Assignment)

  1. Make sure everyone got the pre-test done and correct.
  2. Re-run the pre-test, reducing the temperature in the thermodynamic file
    • Find the minimum temperatures at which silicon burning, oxygen burning and carbon burning occur.
  3. Grab a new (larger, 150 species) sunet_sn150.txt from the document server.
    • Rename sunet_150.txt to sunet
    • Build a new Data directory from REACLIB
    • Create a new initial abundance file (matching the composition in the pretest)
    • Run same test problem with new network
    • Compare results to pre-test.
    • Compare timing of pre-test to new problem.

Additional possibilities:

Run a reaction network with given nuclear input for:

  1. Fixed temperature and density
    • Try various temperatures and densities
    • Try different network sizes
    • Swap out a reaction rate with a different version
    • Vary initial composition (X, Y, Z or Ye)
    • Let evolve until Nuclear Statistical Equilibrium is reached
  2. Temperature/density trajectories
  • $ T(t) = T(0)\exp{(-t/\tau)} $ or $\ T(t) = T(0)(1+\frac{t}{n\tau})^{-n} $
  • $ [1.+f_{\nu}(T(0))]\rho (t) = \rho (0) [1.+f_{\nu}(T(t))](T(t)/T(0))^3$
  • How do initial conditions affect the resulting nucleosynthesis
  • How does the trajectory form affect the results?

(Pre-Course Assignment)

Download, compile and run the Reaction Network Code

  1. Download the Reaction Network Code.
  2. Compile the code with your fortran90 compiler, following the instructions in doc/Compiling.txt in the XNet distribution.
  3. Report in the Reaction Network Code discussion thread your success with machine and compiler information.
  4. Run a first test problem, following the instructions in doc/Running.txt in the XNet distribution.
    • Your results should look like this figure.
  5. Try various temperatures and densities by changing the th_const file.

Reaction Network Exercises Discussion

Hendrik Schatz, 2014/05/15 10:34

Installed and ran successful on my mac OS/X 10.7.5 using gfortran.

Fei Yuan, 2014/05/16 12:30

Compiled successfully on Arch Linux 3.14 with gfortran 4.9.

Warnings: solve_bd.f90:81.51: If(tt.eq.t) pause 'stepsize zero in solve_bd' 1 Warning: Deleted feature: PAUSE statement at (1)

Tony Ahn, 2014/05/16 16:41

Running on my Cygwin_NT 6.1 with gfortran 4.5.3.

Charlie Akers, 2014/05/16 19:29

Compiled and ran for me with Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and GNU Fortran 4.6.3

Kaitlin Cook, 2014/05/17 07:24

Compiled and ran on mac OS X 10.9.2 using gfortran 4.8.0.

Tip for other mac users: I had to run xcode-select –install as I was missing -lcrt1.10.6.o. I think this should only be an issue if you've not run fortran codes previously on your machine (I'm blaming my recent OS upgrade).

Julia Bliss, 2014/05/17 11:37

Compiled and ran on my Ubuntu 12.10 and gfortran 4.7

Raditya Utama, 2014/05/18 02:51

Compiled and ran on mac OS X 10.8.5 and gfortran 4.8

JIanping Lai, 2014/05/18 12:02

Compiled and ran successfully on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with ifort 2013.

No pictures showed up. Probably need other tools. And no idea what the numbers are.

Amber Lauer, 2014/05/24 20:10

Any particular reason you are running the intel compiler?

Justin Brown, 2014/05/18 13:43

Compiled and ran successfully on Mac OS X 10.9.2 using gfortran 4.9.0.

Heiko Moeller, 2014/05/19 04:15

Compiled and ran successfully on Mint 16 and gfortran version 4.8.1

Rashi Talwar, 2014/05/19 10:46

Compiled and ran successfully on Ubuntu with gfortran However no figure showed up. Also instead of ts1 it generated tso1.

MacKenzie Warren, 2014/05/19 11:59

Compiled and ran on Mac OSX 10.9 with gfortran 4.9.0.

Alexander Long, 2014/05/19 12:54

Complied and ran on Mac OS X 10.9.2 with gfortran 4.8.0

Panagiotis Gastis, 2014/05/19 19:16

It works on Ubuntu 13.10 with GNU fortran 95

Ermal Rrapaj, 2014/05/19 20:51

Compiled and ran on Ubuntu 12 with ifort. Output files: ev1, net_diag1, tso1.

Matthew Gilmer, 2014/05/20 14:06

Compiled and Ran Successfully with gfortran 4.9.0 on Mac OS 10.9.2

I got this warning message when compiling:

    If(tt.eq.t) pause 'stepsize zero in solve_bd'

Warning: Deleted feature: PAUSE statement at (1)

Alison Dreyfuss, 2014/05/20 16:25

Compiled and ran with gfortran 4.9.0 on Mac OS 10.9.3

I also got a tso1 (not ts1), which I can't read properly.

Alison Dreyfuss, 2014/05/20 16:27

I should add that I got the following message while compiling::

  Warning: Deleted feature: PAUSE statement at (1)
Nicole Vassh, 2014/05/20 17:36

Compiled and ran with MinGW using gfortran 4.8.1. Had issue with previous version of libgfortran-3.dll not being compatible with xnet.exe. Downloading new dll file fixed issue.

Justin Lietz, 2014/05/20 18:30

Compiled with gcc version 4.7.2 (Debian 4.7.2-5) on 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.57-3 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Bastian Schütrumpf, 2014/05/22 08:11

Compiled with gcc 4.6.3 on Xubuntu 12.04 and it runs well.

Nathan Parzuchowski, 2014/05/22 10:49

Compiled successfully with gfortran 4.7.3 on Ubuntu 13.04

Donald Willcox, 2014/05/22 14:53

I compiled and ran successfully on Fedora 20, kernel 3.14.4 with gfortran 4.8.2 with no problems.

To generate the plot, one needs to use the script 'plot_time_mf_edot.m' in the tools/matlab directory.

Robert Almus, 2014/05/22 21:15

Compiled successfully on Ubuntu 12.04 with gcc 4.6.3

Adam B Jones, 2014/05/22 22:54

Ran without a problem. Output looks good.

Alex Dombos, 2014/05/23 14:29

Compiled on my Mac OS X 10.7.5 using gfortran 4.8.2. Like some others, I get the following message while compiling:

    If(tt.eq.t) pause 'stepsize zero in solve_bd'
    Warning: Deleted feature: PAUSE statement at (1)

One of the files generated is tso1 instead of ts1. Successfully reproduced the plot using gnuplot.

Amber Lauer, 2014/05/25 04:48

@Donald Wilcox, I'm afraid I don't know the syntax for calling a matlab script, I read the script itself but the instructions were not clear enough. I graphed the output of ev1 using libreoffice and got the expected results. The tso1 file is unreadable by text editor, what format is it? As for the “Deleted feature” error everyone is getting, in the source file solve_bd.f90 there is a call to the operation PAUSE which is no longer included in the f95 standard. Thus it is a 'deleted feature'. I suspect that commenting out that line in that file (found in the /source directory) will eliminate the error, but I'm not brave enough to mess with the source code just yet.

Raph Hix, 2014/05/25 17:19

Need to clarify the instructions. You'll have to generate the plot for yourself using the ev1 file.

Tsung-Han Yeh, 2014/05/26 10:43

Linux version 3.7.10-1.28-default, gcc version 4.7.2, ifort Version 11.0

Sarah Schwartz, 2014/05/27 21:29

Compiled successfully with gfortran

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