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Neutrino Winds Group

$\tau$-Neutrino: Sherwood Richers (Parameter Person)

$\mu$-Neutrino: Rashi Talwar (Analysis Person)

$e$-Neutrino: Bastian Schütrumpf (Code Person)


Simulate neutrino interactions changing the composition of a neutrino-driven wind.

  • $\Nu$


  • Calculate reaction rates given electron neutrino energy & flux, and electron anti-neutrino energy and flux
  • modify XNet to include these reaction rates
  • Run XNet over a typical neutrino-driven wind trajectory.


  • Neutrino cross-sections for n and p (Burrows, Reddy, Thompson 2006)
  • neutrino-driven wind trajectory (from Raph Hix, or, or
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