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Detector gas handling system

General Information

Required controls and monitoring

The gas handling systems for both Focal Plane gas-filled detectors – the Ionization Chamber and the CRDCs – are remotely controlled via a single LabView application running on the computer S800FP-PC in the S3 vault. This computer can be accessed remotely from the desktop of computer u6pc5, by clicking in the icon S800 Vault PC, or by typing xfreerdp /u:s800 /v: from a Linux terminal. A terminal will pop-up asking for the s800 password. Once the virtual session in S800FP-PC is open, the gas handling system can be opened by clicking in the corresponding icon on the desktop FPGHS_TCPIP-II. This icon opens the local directory C:/Users/s800/Desktop/FPGHS_TCPIP-II. Once there, run the Labview executable FPGHS_TCPIP-II.exe.

Note that since the same roughing pump drives the gas handling systems for both gas-filled detectors, extra precautions must be taken to protect one detector from the pressure of the other detector. The fact that the same pump drives both systems is not indicated on the graphics for the LabView control application

LabView Control Program

To start the gas handling system control application, click on the LabView icon FPGHS_TCPIP_Corrected_V01 on the S800FP-PC desktop.

Labview control panel of the gas handling system

Preparation of Gas bottles

In Data-U6

In the S3 vault

gas-bottle3.jpg gas-bottle1.jpg

Filling Ion Chamber with Gas

Filling CRDC1 and CRDC2 with Gas

Removing Gas from Focal Plane Detectors

Tracking Gas bottles pressures

In order to track the status of the gas bottles for the ionization chamber, the CRDCs, and the TPPAC, it is possible to monitor their remaining pressures from Barney. Just open the A1900 page, then Tools, and then Gas Status. The following window will be displayed:

Barney display of pressures of all "supported" gas detectors in the lab

Replacing Gas bottles

In preparation