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FRIB Graduate Organization Representatives 2023

All email addresses are at For more contact information, see the FRIB Internal Directory.

Position Person Email Office
President Andrew Wantz wantz 3106-G2
Space Committee Joseph Chung-Jung jungj 1008
Webmaster Artemis Tsantiri tsantiri 1016
Electronics Committee Adam Hartley hartley 1019
Social Committee Ellie Ronning ronning 1019
Seminars Joseph Chung-Jung jungj 1008
Grad Recruitment Zach Serikow serikow 3106-B1
Outreach Committee Joshua Wylie wylie 2067
Diversity Committee Roy Salinas salinas 1021
WaMPS Lecture Series Committee Alexander Adams adamsa 2048
Curriculum Committee (Nuclear) Jordan Purcell purcell 2067
Curriculum Committee (Chemistry) Mejdi Mogannam mogannam 1019
Curriculum Committee (Accelerator) John Wieland wieland 6300CC
IVCPAC Mejdi Mogannam mogannam 1019

Archive of representatives from previous years

Descriptions of Positions


The president coordinates weekly graduate student meetings and serves as a general liaison between the graduate students and the lab administration, particularly the Associate Director of Education.

Space Committee Representative

The space committee representative is responsible for assigning offices to incoming graduate students and facilitating office changes for current students.


The webmaster is responsible for administrating and updating this wiki.

Electronics Committee Representative

The electronics committee representative attends all electronics committee meetings. During the meeting they provide input relevant to electronics purchasing decisions and express any electronics needs they are aware of. They may also occasionally be asked to perform tasks related to e-pool maintenance and inventory.

Social Committee Representative

The social committee meets once a month during the summer to plan and setup for the summer barbecues. It also meets a few times in the fall to plan the family picnic and holiday potluck.

Seminar Representative

The seminar representative is responsible for organizing seminar lunches for interested graduate students to meet and eat with the speaker.

Grad Recruitment

This person organizes the visiting weekends for prospective graduate students. This involves arranging meals, activities, and transportation for the visiting students and a few current graduate students. This representative is also responsible for answering any questions that prospective students have about MSU, which is now done through a private Facebook group in addition to direct emails from recruits.


The VOICE announces the graduate student seminar every week.

Outreach Committee Representative

The Outreach Committee Representative serves primarily as a liaison between the outreach coordinator and the grad students. They encourage grad students to get involved with various outreach activities, and they also take part in Outreach Committee meetings to discuss funding and future outreach events.

Diversity Committee Representative

This representative helps to promote diversity awareness in the work place. They attend monthly meetings and occasionally present a slide at the graduate student seminar highlighting the monthly diversity topic.

WaMPS Lecture Series Representative

The graduate student representative for the WaMPS Lecture Series committee helps promote and facilitate the visit for the lecture series speakers including scheduling lunch with graduate students. The graduate representative may also provide input on which lecture series speaker to invite.

Safety Committee Representative

The safety committee meets once per month to discuss all safety related issues at the lab. The purpose of the Safety Committee is to assist Laboratory administration in providing a safe and healthy workplace for all faculty, staff and student workers by making recommendations for change on health and safety issues. The committee serves in an advisory capacity on occupational safety and health issues to the Laboratory Director.

Curriculum Committee Representative (Nuclear, Chemistry, Accelerator)

The curriculum committee generally meets a couple times a semester to discuss updates to the curriculum and recommended courses. The FRIBGO representatives ensure that graduate students have a say in what is being taught by representing the opinions of the grad students to the entire curriculum committee. There are three representatives, one for each of Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Chemistry, and Accelerator Physics.


The installed video camera program advisory committee (IVCPAC) is responsible for meeting at least biannually as a committee, reviewing metrics to assure efficacy of the Installed Video Camera Program, meeting quarterly to review evidence to assure compliance with the IVCP, and suggesting modifications to the Installed Video Camera Program and IVCP.

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