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Logbook for the ACE nova group

Fri 30th


  • Charlie Akers (Code person)
  • Adam Jones (Analysis person)
  • Ermal Rapaj (Parameter person)

Mon 2nd


The focus of this project is to study the impact of radiation heating on the hydrodynamics and nucleo-synthesis during the neutrino driven wind phase of Type II supernova core-collapse. In essence, we are trying to see if the r-process becomes feasible by increasing the the entropy in the wind. For this purpose, we are going to add radiation heating code (with central luminosity varying 10^51-10^53 erg/s) to the hydrodynamic simulations internal energy. Once the simulation is complete, we will use the reaction network code for each cell in our simulation by using the temperature and density input from hydro across multiple time slices.

The input we use is taken from “THE PHYSICS OF PROTONEUTRON STAR WINDS: IMPLICATIONS FOR R-PROCESS NUCLEOSYNTHESIS” from A.Thompson et al. The wind simulation in the paper is spherically symmetric and the input we use is taken after a couple of seconds after core collapse. We will focus in temperature and density range of the star that is appropriate for nuclear reactions to happen (not NSE).

The initial conditions we used can be found on the document server.

This project requires modifications to both the Hydrodynamics code and the reaction network code. Specifically VH1 is modified so that every iteration some heat is deposited in each cell of the hydro simulation. The Xnet is modified to use the optional NSE code. Some explanation on how this is accomplished is provided in the comments of the Xnet make file. The key is to find every line containing '!NSE' and uncomment the code while commenting out all code with !NOTNSE. The relevant files are 'MAKEFILE', 'net.f90', and 'conditions.f90'.

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