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Group 10


Simulation of the s-process under AGB conditions in a nuclear reaction network


Julia Bliss - Analysis

Jianping Lai - Parameters

Kevin Siegl - Code


Initial Goals:

Determine theoretical astrophysical conditions for AGB stars during the s-process.

Create reaction network for both 56Fe and solar abundance seeds.

Create toolkit to read binary file into format appropriate for abundance graphing.

Modify xnet code to allow the definition of a time-dependent neutron flux.


We found a set of astrophysical conditions for the s-process in AGB stars, a temperature of 0.28GK and baryon density of 2.6e+3 g/cm^3.

We incorporated those conditions into xnet reaction network with an initial abundance of 4He and 13C in order to produce neutrons and a 1% abundance of 56Fe.

We also developed a python script to extract the abundances at a time step from the xnet binary files.

We then generated final abundances for iron concentrations of .1%, 1%, and 10%.




final abundance format : Z[first column], A[second column], Y[third column]

Presentation: today.odp

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