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These instructions are for implementing PARDISO with the only MAC OSX library they provide you with. I expect the instructions will be similar for other libraries, but the filename of the library will be different.


1. Go to and Click on the link for 'Download Software And License'

2. Choose Academic(Free) and click Continue

3. Fill in your information and Submit

4. You should immediately receive an e-mail containing a file libpardiso500-MACOS-X86-64.dylib and your license key.

5. Create a text file containing only your license key with no white space, name it pardiso.lic, and place it in your home directory.

6. Place the .dylib (dynamic library) file in a directory of your choice.

7. In the source directory, open the file Makefile_local, and look under #Libraries

8. Set PARDISO_LIBDIR = -L[path to directory containing the dynamic library] (That is a capitol L, and leave out brackets around path)

9. Set PARDISO_LIBS = -lpardiso500-MACOS-X86-64 (That is a lowercase L)

10. Open Makefile, look under ##Choose Matrix Solver Package

11. Comment all lines under this heading with # (Except leave MATRIX_SOLVER = build)!, and set MATRIX_SOLVER ?= PARDISO

12. Go into jacobian_PARDISO.f90 and uncomment the line that calls pardisoinit

Now you can compile and run as before, but it should be faster than the default LAPACK solver.

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