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XLM Delay module

The timing signals sent to the Phillips TDC, following the common TDC start from the ULM trigger module (output B5 in input/output table), must fit within the 400-ns TDC range. One complication arises from the fact that the delay of the S800 trigger (used as time reference to compute the ToF in SpecTcl) is typically adjusted during S800 tuning (e.g. in order to set the trigger coincidence with the ULM GUI). As a consequence, all the timing signals going into the Phillips TDC must be delayed to match the TDC range. In order to facilitate this task, all the signals going into the Phillips TDC are previously sent to an XLMV72 programmable delayed module. The delays can be adjusted remotely by editing the configuration file s800tdcdelayini.tcl in directory /user/s800/operations/daq/usb/Configs. Alternatively, the delays can be adjusted using the Delayed GUI.

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