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Nuclear Theory Seminars are usually held Tuesdays @ 11:00 am Eastern Time via Zoom (ID: 946 5280 6680, Passcode 48824).

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title Institution Notes
2021-01-19 Hans-Werner Hammer Structure and lifetime of the hypertriton TU Darmstadt Watch on YouTube
2021-02-02 Sherwood Richers 3D Simulations of the Neutrino Fast Flavor Instability UC Berkeley Watch on YouTube Presentation on Google Slides
2021-02-16 André Walker-Loud Understanding lattice QCD applications to the two-nucleon system Berkeley Lab Watch on YouTube
2021-03-02 Kyle Wendt Hybrid Digital/Analog Quantum Simulations via Optimal Control LLNL
2021-03-16 Scott Bogner Short-range correlation physics in a low-resolution picture MSU Watch on YouTube
2021-04-06 Kostas Kravvaris First Principles Calculations Of Light Ion Reactions LLNL Watch on YouTube
2021-04-20 Francesca Sammarruca Nuclear Forces in the Medium: Insight from the Equation of State U Idaho Watch on YouTube
2021-05-04 Yinu Zhang Nuclear EDFs: Particle vibration coupling to superfluid nuclei in axial deformation Western Michigan U Watch on YouTube
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