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Nuclear Theory Seminars are usually held Tuesdays @ 11:00 am Eastern Time via Zoom (ID: 979 4209 5130, Passcode 48824) unless noted otherwise.

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Title Institution Topics Notes
01/23 Huey-Wen Lin Probing the heart of matter with supercomputers MSU QCD: ab initio in-person, notice the time is 4 pm!
02/06 Seth Jacobson A review of the isotopic dichotomy of the Solar System MSU Interdisciplinary: planetary science and NP in person
02/20 Jeannie Rangel Fusion reaction in collisions of weakly bound nuclei with heavy targets State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Nuclear continuum: phenomenology in-person, visiting theory group
03/07 Andrea Porro Ab Initio Description of Monopole Resonances in Light and Medium Mass Nuclei Darmstadt, Tech. U. Nuclear bound states and continuum: ab initio in-person, notice the special date!
03/19 Michael Higgins An adiabatic hyperspherical approach to few-body systems in the nuclear sector Purdue University Nuclear continuum: ab initio in-person
04/02 close to the APS april meeting 4/3-4/6
04/16 Alexandra Semposki From chiral EFT to perturbative QCD: a Bayesian model mixing approach to symmetric nuclear matter Ohio University Interdisciplinary: statistics and NP in-person
04/30 James Watson Quantum Algorithms for Simulating Nuclear Effective Field Theories University of Maryland Nuclear bound states and continuum: ab initio and quantum computing in-person
06/25 Yoshida Sota TBA Utsunomiya University, Japan Nuclear bound states: ab initio and machine learning in-person, visiting theory group

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Title Institution Notes
08/18 Georgios Palkanoglou and Ryan Curry Novel pairing and testing EFT interactions in neutron matter and nuclei University of Guelph, Canada in person, special seminar
09/12 Nobuo Hinohara Nuclear pairing and related phenomena in nuclear dynamics University of Tsukuba, Japan in person
09/26 Alessandro Lovato Variational learning quantum wave functions ANL in person
10/03 Jhilam Sadhukhan Toward large-scale calculation of nuclear fission process Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata, India in person
10/10 Chong Qi Partial conservation of seniority in semi-magic nuclei: A toy model comes true KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden in person
10/17 Zidu Lin Indication of Sharp and Strong Phase-Transitions from NICER Observations University of Tennessee in person
10/31 Seth Jacobson A review of the isotopic dichotomy of the Solar System MSU in person, postponed
11/14 Emiko Hiyama Structure of multi-neutron systems Tohoku U. and RIKEN in person
11/21 Hang Yu Nuclear Few-body Systems in Finite Volume North Carlina State University in person
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