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Theory Seminar Graduate Coffee Discussions take place at 10:30 AM via Zoom (ID: 946 5280 6680, Passcode 48824).

Faculties will prepare graduate students for the next Nuclear Theory Seminar. All graduate students are invited to attend.

For inquiries, please contact Michael Quinonez:

Date Seminar Speaker Lecturer Notes
2021-01-12 Hans-Werner Hammer Roland Wirth
2021-01-26 Sherwood Richers Luke Roberts
2021-02-09 André Walker-Loud Andrea Shindler Changed time: 10 AM
2021-02-23 Kyle Wendt Dean Lee
2021-03-09 Scott Bogner Scott Bogner
2021-03-30 Kostas Kravvaris Chloë Hebborn & Filomena Nunes
2021-04-13 Francesca Sammarruca Christian Drischler
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