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Theory Seminar Graduate Coffee Discussions take place at 11:00 AM via Zoom (ID: 976 2602 8072, Passcode 48824).

Faculties will prepare graduate students for the next Nuclear Theory Seminar. All graduate students are invited to attend.

For inquiries, please contact Xilin Zhang:

Spring 2023

Date Seminar Speaker Lecturer Notes
01/17 Mark Caprio Morten Hjorth-Jensen Preparation for the talk “Seize the moment (or radius): What to do when your (long-range) observables don't converge?” by Mark Caprio on 01/24
01/31 Katharine Hunt Jacob Watkins Preparation for the talk “Bell inequalities, Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequalities, and qubit entropy: Explorations with noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers” on 02/07
02/20 Ronen Weiss Scott Bogner Preparation for the talk “Short-range expansion for the nuclear many-body problem” on 02/21
03/14 Alessandro Lovato Jane Kim Preparation for the talk “Variational learning quantum wave functions” on 03/21
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