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Date Speaker Title Affiliation Notes
2017-09-12 Kristina Launey Role of collectivity in intermediate-mass nuclei and alpha-capture reactions from the ab initio symmetry-adapted no-core shell model Louisiana State University
2017-09-26 Linda Hlophe 6Li in a Three-Body Model with Realistic Forces: Separable vs. Non-separable Approach NSCL/FRIB
2017-10-03 Willem Dickhoff A unified approach to the description of nuclear reactions and structure Washington University in St. Louis
2017-10-10 Jangho Kim QCD Phase Boundary in the Strong Coupling Regime NSCL/FRIB
2017-10-17 Ian Thompson Using experiments and theories for nuclear data evaluations Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2017-10-31 Rodrigo Perez Imprecise nuclear physics Uncertainty Quantification in the supercomputing era Ohio University
2017-11-07 Mark Caprio Symplectic no-core configuration interaction framework for abinitio nuclear structure University of Notre Dame
2017-11-14 Stefano Gandolfi Recent Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of nuclei and few neutron systems Los Alamos National Laboratory
2017-11-28 Jutta Escher Capture Reactions on Unstable Isotopes: Determining Unknown Cross Sections with Indirect Data and Theory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2017-12-12 Veronica Dexheimer Phase Transitions in Dense Matter Kent State University
2017-12-04 Steven Ragnar Stroberg Dreams of a Nuclear Theory of Everything Reed College FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-05 Oleg Korobkin Nuclear physics with neutron star mergers: the spectacular case of GW170817 Los Alamos National Laboratory FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-06 Francesco Raimondi Correlations for the ground and excited states in the nuclear many-body methods University of Surrey FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-07 Saori Pastore Fundamental Physics with Electroweak Probes of Nuclei Los Alamos National Laboratory FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-08 Ingo Tews Precision studies of nucleonic matter and nuclei Institute for Nuclear Theory (Seattle) FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2018-01-23 Amy Lovell Uncertainty quantification in reaction theory NSCL/FRIB
2018-02-06 Joaquin Drut Signal-to-noise issues in non-relativistic quantum matter: From entanglement to thermodynamics University of North Carolina
2018-02-20 ChiehJen (Jerry) Yang New approaches to nuclear forces George Washington University
2018-03-20 Jimmy Rotureau Combining structure and reactions: construction of a microscopic optical potential NSCL/FRIB
2018-03-27 Mihai Horoi Neutrinos and nuclei Central Michigan University
2018-04-03 Jiangming Yao Generator Coordinate Method for Nuclear Low-Lying States: from MR-EDF to MR-IMSRG Calculations NSCL/FRIB
2018-04-10 Piotr Piecuch Toward exact quantum chemistry: High-level coupled-cluster energetics by Monte Carlo sampling and moment expansions Michigan State University
2018-04-17 Yoram Alhassid The statistical distributions of deformation in nuclear spectra Yale University
2018-04-24 Sanjay Reddy Neutron stars finally come of age University of Washington
2018-05-01 Nicole Vassh Fission and the formation of the r-process rare-earth abundance peak in neutron star mergers University of Notre Dame
2018-05-15 Jhilam Sadhukhan Nuclear fission: Present and future Variable Energy Cyclotron Center (Kolkata)
2018-09-04 Kevin Fossez Neutron-rich helium isotopes: complex made simple NSCL/FRIB
2018-09-18 Weichuan Li Non-local interactions in (d;p) surrogate method for (n;y) reactions. NSCL/FRIB
2018-10-02 Alessandro Lovato Nuclear spectra and weak responses from Quantum Monte Carlo Argonne National Laboratory
2018-10-05 Lukas Rammelmueller Thermodynamics of the spin-polarized unitary Fermi gas Technischen Universität Darmstadt
2018-10-30 Abhijit Majumder Resolving the Quark-Gluon plasma with higher precision Wayne State University
2018-11-13 Matthew Hirn Machine learning for quantum many-particle physics Michigan State University
2018-11-27 Pavel Lougovski Quantum computing and subatomic physics: State of the art, challenges, and prospects Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2019-12-03 Kevin Fossez Atomic nuclei as open quantum systems Michigan State University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-04 Linda Hlophe Deuteron-induced nuclear reactions on unstable isotopes Michigan State University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-06 Caroline Robin Connecting many-body methods for a precise and predictive description of atomic nuclei Institute for Nuclear Theory (Seattle) FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-07 Wendell Misch Nuclear structure effects in hot environments Shanghai Jiao Tong University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-01-22 Benjamin Bally Multi-Reference Energy Density Functional Calculations of Odd-Mass Nuclei University of North Carolina
2019-02-05 MacKenzie Warren Nuclear equation of state sensitivities in multi-messenger signals from core-collapse supernovae Michigan State University
2019-02-19 Jordy de Vries Electric dipole moments in the era of the LHC University of Massachusetts Amherst
2019-03-19 Alexander Tichai Recent advances in ab initio nuclear theory: From symmetry breaking to pre-processing tools CEA Saclay
2019-04-02 Alessandro Roggero Quantum computing for nuclear physics University of Washington
2019-04-16 Amy Lovell Utilizing correlations in fission observables Los Alamos National Laboratory
2019-06-09 Ronen Weiss What happens when two nucleons get very close to each other? Racah Institute of Physics
2019-09-10 Jeremy Holt Microscopic optical potentials from chiral nuclear forces Texas A&M University
2019-09-24 Mikhail Stephanov The challenge of discovering QCD critical point University of Illinois at Chicago
2019-10-08 André Sieverding Supernova nucleosynthesis University of Minnesota
2019-10-22 Alexandros Gezerlis From alpha clustering to homogeneous matter University of Guelph
2019-11-05 Alexander Volya Atomic nucleus an open quantum many-body system Florida State University
2019-11-19 Young-Ho Song Parity-violating neutron spin rotation in 4He RISP, Institute for Basic Science
2019-11-27 Erik Olsen Uncertainty in the Nuclear Energy Density Functional: Going Beyond the Mean Field Université Libre de Bruxelles
2019-12-02 Nicole Vassh r-process nucleosynthesis studies meet the next generation of observation and experiment r-process nucleosynthesis studies meet the next generation of observation and experiment FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-03 Christian Drischler Applications of chiral forces up to N3LO to finite nuclei and neutron stars University of California, Berkeley FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-04 Alexis Mercenne Toward the drip lines with unified approaches to nuclear structure and reactions Louisiana State University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-05 Chloe Hebborn Study of the eikonal approximation to model exotic reactions Universite libre de Bruxelles FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-06 Jin Lei Nuclear reactions from a three body perspective Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2020-01-14 Nobuo Hinohara Neutron-proton pairing in nuclear density functional theory University of Tsukuba
2020-01-28 Carla Fröhlich Neutrinos, nuclei and compact remnants from supernovae North Carolina State University
2020-02-11 Keh-Fei Liu Proton Spin and Mass Decompositions and neutrino-nucleon scattering from Lattice QCD University of Kentucky Nuclear Theory - HEP joint seminar
2020-02-25 Dmytro Oliinychenko Snowballs in hell: Light nuclei production in heavy ion collisions Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2020-03-10 Michelle Kuchera Machine learning in theory applications Davidson College (NC)
2020-09-15 Xilin Zhang Ab initio calculations of low-energy nuclear scattering using confining potential traps Ohio State U
2020-10-06 Jocelyn Read Gravitational wave observations and neutron-star matter Cal State Fullerton Watch on YouTube
2020-10-20 Natalie Klco Calculating Nature Naturally INT/Caltech
2020-11-03 Noemi Rocco Lepton-nucleus scattering within nuclear many-body theory ANL Watch on YouTube
2020-12-01 Sait Umar Dynamics of quantum equilibration in low-energy collisions Vanderbilt U Watch on YouTube
2021-01-19 Hans-Werner Hammer Structure and lifetime of the hypertriton TU Darmstadt Watch on YouTube
2021-02-02 Sherwood Richers 3D Simulations of the Neutrino Fast Flavor Instability UC Berkeley Watch on YouTube Presentation on Google Slides
2021-02-16 André Walker-Loud Understanding lattice QCD applications to the two-nucleon system Berkeley Lab Watch on YouTube
2021-03-02 Kyle Wendt Hybrid Digital/Analog Quantum Simulations via Optimal Control LLNL
2021-03-16 Scott Bogner Short-range correlation physics in a low-resolution picture MSU Watch on YouTube
2021-04-06 Kostas Kravvaris First Principles Calculations Of Light Ion Reactions LLNL Watch on YouTube
2021-04-20 Francesca Sammarruca Nuclear Forces in the Medium: Insight from the Equation of State U Idaho Watch on YouTube
2021-05-04 Yinu Zhang Nuclear EDFs: Particle vibration coupling to superfluid nuclei in axial deformation Western Michigan U Watch on YouTube
2021-10-26 Enrico Rinaldi Quantum gravity in the lab: matrix quantum mechanics meets quantum computing University of Michigan & RIKEN Watch on YouTube
2021-11-09 Chuck Horowitz The CREX and PREX neutron density experiments Indiana University Watch on YouTube
2021-11-23 Jamie M. Karthein First-principles-based equations of state for QCD at finite temperature and density University of Houston Watch on YouTube
2022, January 25 Elena Litvinova Emergence in atomic nuclei and the quest for spectroscopic accuracy Western Michigan University
2022, Feburary 8 Baha Balantekin Collective Neutrino Oscillations and Quantum Entanglement University of Wisconsin, Madison
2022, February 22 Michael Strickland Bottomonium suppression in the QGP – From EFTs to non-unitary quantum evolution Kent State University
2022, March 22 Yuanzhuo Ma Chiral 3NF and continuum in weakly bound nuclear systems South China Normal University
2022, April 12 Yukari Yamauchi Real-time dynamics of lattice field theories University of Maryland
2022, April 26 Francesco Turro Quantum algorithms for many-body dynamics and structure University of Trento
2022, May 3 Ruprecht Machleidt Diverse News from the ab initio Front University of Idaho
2022, June 7Thanassis Psaltis Constraining nucleosynthesis using observations, simulations and nuclear physics TU Darmstadt
2022, June 14David Reinhardt An algebraic geometric classification of the solutions of the 1D Gross-Pitaevskii equation German Aerospace Center (DLR)
2022, 09/06 Mihai Horoi Predicting the neutrinoless double-beta decay matrix element of 136Xe using a statistical approach Central Michigan University in person
2022, 09/20 Tong Li and Son Mookyong Parameter calibration for beta-decay calculations with the Skyrme finite amplitude method LLNL and MSU statistics department Joint talk, in person
2022, 10/04 Josh Isaacson A modern theorist-driven lepton-nucleus event generator Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Joint seminar with HEP, in person
2022, 10/18 Chuck Horowitz Future of neutron rich matter: neutron skins to neutron stars Indiana University–Bloomington in person
2022, 11/01 Jiangyong Jia Imaging the nuclear structure in high-energy heavy-ion collisions Stony Brook University in person
2023, 01/24 Mark Caprio Seize the moment (or radius): What to do when your (long-range) observables don't converge? University of Notre Dame in person
2023, 02/07 Katharine Hunt Bell inequalities, Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequalities, and qubit entropy: Explorations with noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers Department of Chemistry, MSU in person
2023, 02/21 Ronen Weiss Short-range expansion for the nuclear many-body problem LANL virtual
2023, 03/20 Edgard Bonilla Approximating operators to recover an efficient reduced order model Stanford University special seminar, in person
2023, 03/21 Alessandro Lovato Variational learning quantum wave functions ANL cancelled
2023, 04/04 Laura Moschini Interplay of different reaction channels in low-energy nuclear reactions with exotic nuclei University of Surrey in person
2023, 04/11 Morten Hjorth-Jensen Coulomb interaction driven entanglement of electrons on helium, theory and experiment FRIB in person
2023, 04/25 Agnieszka Sorensen Dense nuclear matter equation of state of from heavy-ion collisions INT, University of Washington in person, special seminar, the coffee discussion originally scheduled on that day is rescheduled
2023, 05/02 Jacek Dobaczewski Nuclear DFT electromagnetic moments in heavy deformed open-shell odd nuclei University of York in person, talk link:
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