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Date Speaker Title Affiliation Notes
2017-09-12 Kristina Launey Role of collectivity in intermediate-mass nuclei and alpha-capture reactions from the ab initio symmetry-adapted no-core shell model Louisiana State University
2017-09-26 Linda Hlophe 6Li in a Three-Body Model with Realistic Forces: Separable vs. Non-separable Approach NSCL/FRIB
2017-10-03 Willem Dickhoff A unified approach to the description of nuclear reactions and structure Washington University in St. Louis
2017-10-10 Jangho Kim QCD Phase Boundary in the Strong Coupling Regime NSCL/FRIB
2017-10-17 Ian Thompson Using experiments and theories for nuclear data evaluations Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2017-10-31 Rodrigo Perez Imprecise nuclear physics Uncertainty Quantification in the supercomputing era Ohio University
2017-11-07 Mark Caprio Symplectic no-core configuration interaction framework for abinitio nuclear structure University of Notre Dame
2017-11-14 Stefano Gandolfi Recent Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of nuclei and few neutron systems Los Alamos National Laboratory
2017-11-28 Jutta Escher Capture Reactions on Unstable Isotopes: Determining Unknown Cross Sections with Indirect Data and Theory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2017-12-12 Veronica Dexheimer Phase Transitions in Dense Matter Kent State University
2017-12-04 Steven Ragnar Stroberg Dreams of a Nuclear Theory of Everything Reed College FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-05 Oleg Korobkin Nuclear physics with neutron star mergers: the spectacular case of GW170817 Los Alamos National Laboratory FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-06 Francesco Raimondi Correlations for the ground and excited states in the nuclear many-body methods University of Surrey FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-07 Saori Pastore Fundamental Physics with Electroweak Probes of Nuclei Los Alamos National Laboratory FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2017-12-08 Ingo Tews Precision studies of nucleonic matter and nuclei Institute for Nuclear Theory (Seattle) FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2018-01-23 Amy Lovell Uncertainty quantification in reaction theory NSCL/FRIB
2018-02-06 Joaquin Drut Signal-to-noise issues in non-relativistic quantum matter: From entanglement to thermodynamics University of North Carolina
2018-02-20 ChiehJen (Jerry) Yang New approaches to nuclear forces George Washington University
2018-03-20 Jimmy Rotureau Combining structure and reactions: construction of a microscopic optical potential NSCL/FRIB
2018-03-27 Mihai Horoi Neutrinos and nuclei Central Michigan University
2018-04-03 Jiangming Yao Generator Coordinate Method for Nuclear Low-Lying States: from MR-EDF to MR-IMSRG Calculations NSCL/FRIB
2018-04-10 Piotr Piecuch Toward exact quantum chemistry: High-level coupled-cluster energetics by Monte Carlo sampling and moment expansions Michigan State University
2018-04-17 Yoram Alhassid The statistical distributions of deformation in nuclear spectra Yale University
2018-04-24 Sanjay Reddy Neutron stars finally come of age University of Washington
2018-05-01 Nicole Vassh Fission and the formation of the r-process rare-earth abundance peak in neutron star mergers University of Notre Dame
2018-05-15 Jhilam Sadhukhan Nuclear fission: Present and future Variable Energy Cyclotron Center (Kolkata)
2018-09-04 Kevin Fossez Neutron-rich helium isotopes: complex made simple NSCL/FRIB
2018-09-18 Weichuan Li Non-local interactions in (d;p) surrogate method for (n;y) reactions. NSCL/FRIB
2018-10-02 Alessandro Lovato Nuclear spectra and weak responses from Quantum Monte Carlo Argonne National Laboratory
2018-10-05 Lukas Rammelmueller Thermodynamics of the spin-polarized unitary Fermi gas Technischen Universität Darmstadt
2018-10-30 Abhijit Majumder Resolving the Quark-Gluon plasma with higher precision Wayne State University
2018-11-13 Matthew Hirn Machine learning for quantum many-particle physics Michigan State University
2018-11-27 Pavel Lougovski Quantum computing and subatomic physics: State of the art, challenges, and prospects Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2019-12-03 Kevin Fossez Atomic nuclei as open quantum systems Michigan State University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-04 Linda Hlophe Deuteron-induced nuclear reactions on unstable isotopes Michigan State University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-06 Caroline Robin Connecting many-body methods for a precise and predictive description of atomic nuclei Institute for Nuclear Theory (Seattle) FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-07 Wendell Misch Nuclear structure effects in hot environments Shanghai Jiao Tong University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-01-22 Benjamin Bally Multi-Reference Energy Density Functional Calculations of Odd-Mass Nuclei University of North Carolina
2019-02-05 MacKenzie Warren Nuclear equation of state sensitivities in multi-messenger signals from core-collapse supernovae Michigan State University
2019-02-19 Jordy de Vries Electric dipole moments in the era of the LHC University of Massachusetts Amherst
2019-03-19 Alexander Tichai Recent advances in ab initio nuclear theory: From symmetry breaking to pre-processing tools CEA Saclay
2019-04-02 Alessandro Roggero Quantum computing for nuclear physics University of Washington
2019-04-16 Amy Lovell Utilizing correlations in fission observables Los Alamos National Laboratory
2019-06-09 Ronen Weiss What happens when two nucleons get very close to each other? Racah Institute of Physics
2019-09-10 Jeremy Holt Microscopic optical potentials from chiral nuclear forces Texas A&M University
2019-09-24 Mikhail Stephanov The challenge of discovering QCD critical point University of Illinois at Chicago
2019-10-08 André Sieverding Supernova nucleosynthesis University of Minnesota
2019-10-22 Alexandros Gezerlis From alpha clustering to homogeneous matter University of Guelph
2019-11-05 Alexander Volya Atomic nucleus an open quantum many-body system Florida State University
2019-11-19 Young-Ho Song Parity-violating neutron spin rotation in 4He RISP, Institute for Basic Science
2019-11-27 Erik Olsen Uncertainty in the Nuclear Energy Density Functional: Going Beyond the Mean Field Université Libre de Bruxelles
2019-12-02 Nicole Vassh r-process nucleosynthesis studies meet the next generation of observation and experiment r-process nucleosynthesis studies meet the next generation of observation and experiment FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-03 Christian Drischler Applications of chiral forces up to N3LO to finite nuclei and neutron stars University of California, Berkeley FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-04 Alexis Mercenne Toward the drip lines with unified approaches to nuclear structure and reactions Louisiana State University FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-05 Chloe Hebborn Study of the eikonal approximation to model exotic reactions Universite libre de Bruxelles FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2019-12-06 Jin Lei Nuclear reactions from a three body perspective Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare FRIB-TA fellowship interviews
2020-01-14 Nobuo Hinohara Neutron-proton pairing in nuclear density functional theory University of Tsukuba
2020-01-28 Carla Fröhlich Neutrinos, nuclei and compact remnants from supernovae North Carolina State University
2020-02-11 Keh-Fei Liu Proton Spin and Mass Decompositions and neutrino-nucleon scattering from Lattice QCD University of Kentucky Nuclear Theory - HEP joint seminar
2020-02-25 Dmytro Oliinychenko Snowballs in hell: Light nuclei production in heavy ion collisions Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2020-03-10 Michelle Kuchera Machine learning in theory applications Davidson College (NC)
2020-09-15 Xilin Zhang Ab initio calculations of low-energy nuclear scattering using confining potential traps Ohio State U
2020-10-06 Jocelyn Read Gravitational wave observations and neutron-star matter Cal State Fullerton Watch on YouTube
2020-10-20 Natalie Klco Calculating Nature Naturally INT/Caltech
2020-11-03 Noemi Rocco Lepton-nucleus scattering within nuclear many-body theory ANL Watch on YouTube
2020-12-01 Sait Umar Dynamics of quantum equilibration in low-energy collisions Vanderbilt U Watch on YouTube
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